Cold/Controlled Storage

Food Facility Designsprovides expert level experience to address your cold or controlled storage needs.  Contrary to common perception cold storage is not as simple as some insulated walls and a cooling system.

All too often people make the initial purchase based purely on price without consideration for various options which can greatly impact product quality, energy costs, equipment life cycle, maintenance and repair costs

A quick example:

A franchise operator described extreme frustration with a particular brand of cooler.  He had the exact cooler in Store A & B however the one in Store B was 'not working'.   

His product was pizza.  He made fresh dough each day. The dough is made in 60 lb every 7 - 10 minutes.  When it enters the cooler it is at 65 degrees.

The problem:

Store A produced 600 lbs of fresh dough a day and Store B was producing 1200 lbs of fresh dough a day from the beginning, yet they had the same size cooler and refrigeration system. While spatially the product fit, the capacity of the refrigeration system could not keep up with the demand because the system was not sized for double the load.

The lesson:

Load matters!  This was an expensive lesson for the franchisee until we helped him figure out how to buy his equipment.

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